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We are expanding in a big way

2018 was an amazing year of growth and success for The Harder Group pro team. Now it's time to take our team to the next level, we are expanding our coverage area which will eventually have MUA teams in all small towns and cities in America.  We are looking for Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, and motivated individuals who want to become part of our growing team so they too can earn a living as a makeup artist or hair stylist.  We are currently focusing on the Northeast, however we already have requests and needs in all corners of the country, so please send us your information no matter where in the U.S.A you are located.  


Complete the form below with all the information requested. (if you currently have a portfolio please send that to with the subject: Join the MUA team)


Our leadership team will be evaluating who we feel meets the requirements to develop further to meet our high standards of quality and professionalism.  See our 5 step process below and submit your form to get started today.  We look forward to hearing from you and building this groundbreaking team to a never seen before level! 


Want to join the professional MUA Family

Step 1:  Complete the online Form

Once we receive your completed form, we will evaluate your website & Portfolio.  After consideration of important factors to the MUA standard if we feel you meet our requirements we will reach out for a brief interview and forward you our Application.

Step 2:  Submit your Application

Our application collects general information required for us to get a broad overview of yourself.  Once this step is completed and submitted we will write back with our decision to start a relationship

Step 3: Select your Kit

One of the attributes that separates MUA from other independent Makeup teams is the requirement of our artists to a standardized kit.  At this point in the process you will select one of our options based on what your current kit includes or needs to meet our requirement.  If you are a current makeup artist performing a service with a full kit, we will accept photos showing the appearance, condition and product selection in your kit and provide feedback as to which kit would be best for you.

Kit 1: Includes our basic necessities for Airbrush along with our membership fee

Kit 2: This kit includes all the above plus addition of pallets to cover the basics

Kit 3:  If you need the whole shooting match this is the option for you.

Step 4: Complete your Training

Our training will be a 4 part process all of which must be completed before receiving your Certification.

1. Is an overview of Kit Standards/Hygiene Practice

2. Airbrush Training to proficiency

3. Color Match, Eyelash Application

4. Trial run of a Wedding with approval by leader

Step 5:  Start Bridal Makeup

Welcome aboard!  We look forward to growing your career and you receiving everything you want out of this journey!

I want to join MUA
Willing to Travel __ miles to a Bride?

Thanks for submitting!

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